PfC wind-up

The committee of Platform for Change decided in November 2014 that the campaign had run its course, successfully placing a number of items on the political agenda–notably the need for structural reforms of the Northern Ireland governance arrangements to make them fit for purpose–but failing to realign the ‘centre ground’ of politics in the region in the way hoped. The site remains opens because the documents addressing the issues raised remain of interest.


Everything you ever wanted to know about Platform for Change but were afraid to ask

The 2014 agm of Platform for Change saw a great discussion of women in politics in Northern Ireland, led by Prof Yvonne Galligan of the Queen’s University Centre for the Advancement of Women in Politics. In preparation for the event, the PfC secretary/treasurer Eileen Cairnduff, produced a very helpful summary of the submissions (scroll to bottom) PfC has made since 2014, distilling its ideas on the change that Northern Ireland needs to see.

21 June 2014: Annual General Meeting

The agm of platform for change will be on Saturday, June 21 in the congenial surroundings of the back room of Common Grounds café on University Avenue, Belfast from 10am to 12.30.

Agms necessarily have their formal reports and elections to the incoming committee—on which new nominees would be very welcome (you need only to be an paid-up member of platform for change to go forward). But we also like to add some interest with a topical discussion. This year, inevitably, we will be reflecting on the elections which have just passed. The discussion will be led by Northern Ireland’s leading psephologist, Prof Rick Wilford of Queen’s University, who matches penetrating insight with acerbic wit, and Prof Yvonne Galligan, director of the Queen’s University Centre for the Advancement of Women  in Politics.

Feel free to RSVP on our facebook event page.  Do come along and take part!

24 February 2014: Panel discussion on ‘morals’ in politics and political morality

The furore over the Reduced Shakespeare Company’s version of the bible, played in the Theatre at the Mill, as well as the establishment last year of the Marie Stopes Clinic in Belfast and efforts by the health minister to continue to prevent gays giving blood, indicates the ability of ‘moral’ questions to provoke major political controversy in Northern Ireland. How should they be addressed?

The next platform for change public event will be a panel discussion. It will take place on Monday February 24th from 7.30 to 9.30 in Dukes Hotel, University Street, Belfast. On the panel will be: Steven Agnew MLA (Green Party), Prof Dave Archard (political philosopher, QUB), Edna Longley (emeritus professor and cultural critic), Malachi O’Doherty (writer and commentator), John O’Doherty (Rainbow Project) and Joanne Stuart (business consultant). In the chair: Robin Wilson. But mainly the contributions will be from the floor.

Feel free to RSVP on our facebook page!  We hope to see you there!

25 November 2013: The Haass/O’Sullivan talks–letting the public in

After a fraught summer of rioting and recent murders, against a backdrop of political impasse since the decision by the first minister to abrogate the deal on the future of the Maze prison site, the Americans are back to try to resolve the issues dividing the parties in command of Northern Ireland’s increasingly dysfunctional power-sharing system.

The next platform for change public event will be a panel discussion on the agenda of the Haass/O’Sullivan talks. It will take place on Monday November 25th from 7.30 to 9.30 in Dukes Hotel, University Street, Belfast. On the panel will be: Dominic Bryan (Institute of Irish Studies, QUB), Rev Lesley Carroll (Fortwilliam Presbyterian Church), Brandon Hamber (INCORE, UU), Maureen Hetherington (Towards Understanding and Healing), Peter Osborne (Parades Commission) and Orna Young (independent researcher). In the chair: Trevor Ringland (former Irish rugby international). As ever, our panellists have been asked only to make brief introductory remarks to maximise contributions from the floor. We hope to see you there!

5 October 2013: Platform for Change agm

platform for change is democratically controlled by its members and this is your chance to have your say on its future. We will decide at the agm among a menu of options for events during the year ahead and on the composition of the committee which runs the organisation day to day.

We will also have a panel of reconciliation practitioners discussing the document from the Office of the First Minister and Deputy Minister called ‘Together: A United Community’. Amid the clashes over all the visceral sectarian issues–flags, victims and dealing with the past–which have led to the Haas/O’Sullivan talks, what can this amount to on the ground? Can it presage a shared future? Michael Boyd (Irish Football Association), Jean Brown (Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group), Eamonn Deane (Holywell Trust), Katie Hanlon (Ballynafeigh Community Development Association) and Alan McBride (WAVE) will discuss the policy and respond to questions and comments.

So come along to the Chinese Resource Centre, 1 Stranmillis Embankment, Belfast, on Saturday, 5 October. The meeting will run from 10am to 1pm. If you want to take part in the elections to the committee–or put your name forward to join it–please make sure you are a paid-up member.

24 June 2013: Education: can we have a coherent system?

For such a small place,Northern Ireland has a remarkably fragmented education system.
Apart from the moral arguments this raises about issues like sectarian and social segregation, it is also very inefficient, with five teacher-training deliverers and tens of thousands of empty places in schools. Can we have a more coherent system, which promotes intercultural dialogue and does not reproduce social class divisions so effectively? This will be the subject of a panel discussion in the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, on Monday  24 June at 7:30. 

Our panel will comprise:  Shannon Dand and Karl Spence from WIMPS; Liam McCusker, formerly of Spirit of Enniskillen; Ciarnan Helferty, former president of QUB Students’ Union, and Nuala McAdams, current VP for Education; Mark Langhammer of the ATL and Gerry Murphy of the INTO, and Prof Alan Smith of the UNESCO Institute at UU. With such an unusual line-up of young people, students’ and teachers’ representatives and an independent expert, this should be a debate which injects fresh thinking.

18 February 2013: Flags–can we now have a serious debate?

The flags protests may eventually die down but the issue will have to be faced by all the 11 new local authorities in Northern Ireland after the reorganisation of the district councils, and it has been symptomatic of a wider failure of reconciliation.

The next platform for change event is a panel discussion on this challenge in the Holiday Inn, Ormeau Avenue, Belfast, on Monday 18 February at 7:30. Our panel will comprise  three MLAs, John McCallister of the Ulster Unionist Party, Chris Lyttle, representing Alliance in East Belfast, and the Green Party leader Steven Agnew MLA. They will be joined by Claire Hanna of the SDLP and her fellow Belfast city councillor John Kyle. Trevor Ringland will speak on behalf of the Conservative Party and Rebecca Hall will represent Labour.

We are still awaiting confirmation from the DUP and Sinn Fein. Dr Dominic Bryan of Queen’s University will be an independent expert discussant. This event promises to be an exciting chance to look deeply at how we move forward on identity issues as a society.

6 October 2012: Time for a debate on how we are governed

The Northern Ireland Office has launched a consultation to look at measures to improve the operation of the assembly. The consultation is seeking views on double jobbing, the size of the Assembly, the length of Assembly terms and development of an Opposition. As a group platform for change has a vital voice to contribute to this debate; therefore we are planning a public meeting to discuss our submission to the consultation. Come along to the Chinese Resource Centre, Belfast at 10:00am on Saturday October 6.

There will be a debate around the need for reform–including our own Robin Wilson and Professor Colin Harvey from Queen’s University Belfast.

26 March 2012: Platform for Change general meeting: From a politics of identity to a politics of ideas

What is the future for politics is Northern Ireland? Is there a way to move on from voting based on communal identity? Can we create a political environment of dynamic ideas and comprehensive debate? These are the central issues that will be addressed in our next public event. A panel discussion ’From a politics if identity to a politics of ideas’ will take place in the Black Box, Hill Street, Belfast, at 7.30 on Monday, March 26. The discussion will be chaired by Julia Paul of the BBC and panel will be a compilation of political and civic voices: Tom Elliot (UUP Party Leader), Dolores Kelly (SDLP Deputy Leader), Steven Agnew (Green Party), Eamonn Deane (Holywell Trust), Anna Lo (Alliance), Tony McMullan (Co-op Party), Trevor Ringland (former rugby international) and Kellie Turtle (Belfast Feminist Network).